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Show/Hide a wait message dialog

This action lets your package display or hide a wait message dialog: this dialog does not contain any button, it works as an indicator to inform end users what the package is doing. You can see similar messages in standard Setup programs ("Please wait while creating shortcuts...").

The message dialog is non-modal: that means the package will continue its execution during the display of this message.

Property Name Data Type Description
TextToDisplay String The text that should appear on the dialog box. Something to inform your end users as Please wait while .... Please use a short sentence!
WhatToDo TswmAction Two possible values: swmShowMessage causes the package to display the wait message dialog. swmHideMessage causes the package to destroy the wait message dialog.

You should always start with an swmShowMessage action to display the wait dialog first. Then if you just want to change the dialog's text without closing the dialog itself, use the swmShowMessage action again: only the text will be changed.

Always close the wait dialog using the swmHideMessage action before the package ends.

The wait message dialog should not be used with modal dialogs (all other dialogs like message boxes, wizard pages...). Use it when the package performs non visual operations like shortcut creations, file copy...

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