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Install MSI Package or Update

This action lets you install a Windows Installer MSI package or MSP update.

Please see Windows Installer with Paquet Builder topic.

Property Name Data Type Description
AdditionalParameters String Additional parameters or switches that you want to pass to the Windows Installer runtime (msiexec: see
ApplyUpdateMSP Boolean Set this property to True if you want to run a MSP (patch/update) package and not a MSI installation
OtherAction String If you want to use another MSI action than install or patch/update. For advanced users. See below.
PackagePath String The full path to the .MSI or .MSP installation file you want to run. For example %DESTPATH%\productsetup.msi
VariableForExitCode VarName Variable that will receive the exit code returned by Windows Installer. For the list of exit codes, please see

You can package and run several Windows Installer MSI installations back-to-back with Paquet Builder and this custom action: just add such a custom action for each MSI you want to run. Each time, the custom action waits for Windows Installer to finish its job before returning. You can check the result of the installation thanks to "VariableForExitCode": if the exit code is incorrect, you can interrupt the execution of next installations and display an error message for instance.

Other MSI actions

If you want to run other actions of Windows Installer such as administrative installation option, advertising a product... then you must use the OtherAction field to specify the action you want to run.

For instance, you would like to invoke the MSI installer with the /A option. If you were to run from a command prompt in Windows, you would type: msiexec /A MyInstall.msi

To get the same behavior in Paquet Builder, enter /A in the OtherAction field and the full path to the MSI package in PackagePath.

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