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Getting Started

Each time you open Paquet Builder, it displays the welcome page where you can decide to create a new project, load an existing one.

Paquet Builder lets you create Self-Extracting packages (or Self-Extracting archive files): in this documentation we will say "the package" to designate the Self-Extracting package file (.exe extension) created by you with Paquet Builder.

Use the help contents tree on the left side to browse through the different help topics and discover the features of Paquet Builder. You may also press F1 or Help buttons in Paquet Builder to directly access the related help topic.

All related features are grouped into categories belonging to one of the three following panels: General, Functionality and Build.


  • Under "General" you will find all the basic options for the package: it is enough for beginners.

  • The "Functionality" panel contains advanced and powerful features that let you customize the behavior and appearance of your package.

  • Finally, with the "Build" panel, you can access options related to the output file (the package .exe file).

To navigate through the different features, you need to use the navigation bar on the left side of the main window. This "Windows XP style" bar is divided into the three panels as specified above: these panels contain links that open the related options. Clicking a link will open the related page.

You can access additional menu commands with the Paquet Builder's application button Application Button.


Please note that some of these links may change depending on the type of project you are working on.

What to do

At any time, if you have questions, do not hesitate to use our documentation or post your questions to our forum.

To begin, please have a look at the small tutorial; it covers the first steps "creating a project", "adding files" and "building the package". After all, your first goal in Paquet Builder is to learn how packages are created...

Show me the tutorial!

See more tutorials.

Otherwise, you always begin a new package by creating a project; Paquet Builder actually supports up to 3 different types of packages! Don't worry: everything is explained here.