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Remove single file or using wildcard

This action is used to remove a single file or an entire group of files (using a wildcard).

Property Name Data Type Description
Filename String If UseWildcard is set to false, then it should point to the full path to the file to delete. Example: %DESTPATH%\Temp\RegOCX.Bat If UseWildcard is set to true, then it should be the path + the source wildcard. For instance %DESTPATH\Templates\*.*
RemoveAtStartup Boolean This will register the file to be removed by Windows on next reboot.
UseWildcard Boolean To remove a single file, leave this property to false. If you want to delete an entire group of files based on a source wildcard, turn this property on.

Also have a look at the Delete a folder custom action.

You can use this custom action for the uninstaller in order to remove additional files.

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