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About your package

This page allows you to specify basic information about your new package.

Package Title

Paquet Builder requires a title to use in message boxes and window title bars throughout the extraction process. The package title consists of a short and descriptive phrase, such as My new site archive or My Program Setup.

Company Information

These information items are stored inside the package data and displayed when errors occur, in the About box, or for setting the version information parameters. ItĀ helps your end users to contact you for further information. You have to specify the company's name at least, but it is recommended that you provide your end users with the maximum information about your company (especially email address).

Legal Copyright: will appear under the "Legal Copyright" entry in the Version information of the package EXE file and the uninstaller EXE file if any. Enter your own copyright such as "Copyright 2021 by Yourself. All rights reserved".


These information items can be set in the Environment Options, so each time you create a package, the default settings will be used.