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Self-register a file (ActiveX, OLE)

This action registers .dll and ActiveX control files as command components in Windows registry. It is similar to Windows REGSVR32.EXE utility except that you do not need to ship this tool with your package if you use this custom action.

Finally, if the package includes an uninstaller, this custom action may also put a reference into the uninstaller log, so the registered DLL or OCX file is unregistered when the package is uninstalled by end users.

Property Name Data Type Description
AddUninstReference Boolean If true, the package will add a reference to this file in the uninstaller log file. The file will be first unregistered and then safely removed if no other application uses it.
ServerFile String Full path to the file you want to self-register. The file must exist when this custom action is executed. For example %SYS%\Control.ocx

This custom action should always be put in the "After File Extraction" event, especially if AddUninstReference is set to True.

You can also use Register a shared file custom action to mark the file as shared.

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