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Console Command-line Compiler

For advanced users who want to use Paquet Builder in process automation, automatic distribution cycles, cron tasks, etc. we provide a console application that lets you compile projects without invoking the GUI. This console compiler is a Windows console application: it has no interface.

Note: you can use Paquet Builder GUI for process automation too, since it supports command-line options and switches. Difference is technical: Paquet Builder GUI must be run with a Windows user account while the command-line console compiler does not require any user logon. The command-line console compiler is also portable: just place the console compiler in the same folder as PBuilder.exe.

How to get the console command-line compiler

Is is currently only available to registered users of Paquet Builder Commercial edition.

You can download it by going to "My Account - Compiler".

How to set up the console command-line compiler

The console compiler is portable, but it requires the same dependencies as Paquet Builder itself.

  1. Install Paquet Builder (GUI) on the computer you want to set up the console compiler.
  2. Download the console compiler self-installing archive from "My Account - Compiler" and run it.
  3. Activate Paquet Builder and copy your Paquet Builder license file in the same folder as the console compiler EXE file to get it working.
  4. The console compiler is ready.

Please go to "My Account - Compiler" for complete instructions.

How to use the console command-line compiler

Syntax: PBCMDCOMPILER [project filepath] [other parameters]

[other parameters] are command-line parameters and switches defined for Paquet Builder GUI, except /c /s and /q which are useless for the console compiler.

Console exit codes are the same as exit codes for Paquet Builder GUI.

Compile a package:

PBCMDCOMPILER "c:\mywork\myproject\file.pbpx"

Change the output directory, compile the project and save the log to a RTF file.

PBCMDCOMPILER "C:\My Documents\pbtests\testdirect1.pbpx" /log:"C:\my documents\pblog.rtf" /outfolder:"C:\my documents\pbtests\output"


The console compiler supports directives too.