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Package Uninstaller

An uninstaller may be added to your package: end users can run this program (through the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel) to remove all files, folders, shortcuts, .ini and registry entries and any changes created by the package.

The uninstaller supports removing files (including shared files), folders, shortcuts, .ini keys, and registry keys, entries. You can moreover add custom actions to the uninstaller like for the package, especially uninstall commands or actions to execute program files or batch files that can perform additional cleaning tasks not supported by the uninstaller.

You can also remove ActiveX controls, run additional "cleaning" programs, remove remaining folders and files or prevent the uninstaller from removing something using custom uninstall commands.

If you do not want a file to be automatically removed by the uninstaller, you can use the file properties.

To include the uninstaller in your package, be sure to enable the "Include the Uninstaller engine" option first. Otherwise no uninstall support will be provided.

Some uninstall actions may require elevated rights (as administrator). By default, the uninstaller is run with the same option as set for the package in the Package Output page. See UAC elevation also.

Properties of the uninstaller

Please refer to this page for configuration of the uninstaller.