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Define a label

This custom action inserts a script label which is used in conjunction with the Go To A Label custom action. The Go To A Label action transfers the package execution to the statement marked by the specified "Define a label" custom action. To mark a statement, you must first declare the label using this custom action.

Property Name Data Type Description
LabelName TLabelName (String) Identifies the label to insert. A label name can be any valid identifier or any numeral between 0 and 9999, like LABEL1, RETURN25, etc.

All labels must be declared with a "Define a label" custom action before they can be used with a Go To Label custom action.

To define a new label, just enter its name in the Label manager and press OK.

Label names are unique: you cannot have the same label name twice.

Remember that labels are defined by the "Define a label" custom action you add. If you remove this custom action later, you will also remove the label: in this case, ensure that no "Go to a label" custom action that could point to the old label remains. Otherwise, the C code compiler will raise an exception.

Be sure to see the help topic describing the Go To A Label custom action.

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