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How to make directive files executed by Paquet Builder?

Without using the command line, click Application Button button and select the "Open Directive File" menu command.

Otherwise, you need to specify the path to the directive file thanks to the command line. When you launch Paquet Builder manually (for instance with the "Run" command from Windows Start menu), you can pass parameters to the program.


Directives can also be executed by the console command-line compiler.

The following command lines will execute a directive file:

PBUILDER.EXE "c:\mywork\myproject\file.pbd"

Paquet Builder will be opened and it will read the settings from the directive file. All you have to do is to press the Compile button and the package will be created.

In addition, Paquet Builder supports the same command line switches as for project files.

Open the directive file, compile the project without interaction, save the log to a RTF file and exit.

PBUILDER.EXE "C:\My Documents\pbtests\directive1.pbd" /c /s /q /log:"C:\my documents\pblog.rtf"

Open the directive file and change the bitness to x64 from command-line.

PBUILDER.EXE "C:\My Documents\pbtests\instructions package 2.pbd" /exetype:1

Exit codes for Paquet Builder.