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Exit code for packages and installers

Exit code meaning

The exit code is the code returned by a terminating package or installer to the invoker. This is generally useful for batch process, command line execution.

The exit code of a package or installer made with Paquet Builder is automatically configured depending on whether the package exited successfully or if an error occurred. The table below shows you possible values.

You can set the exit code yourself with custom actions by setting the %EXITCODE% global variable: set the value of this variable using Perform operation on a variable and varAssign.

Default exit code values for Paquet Builder packages

Value Meaning
-3 This program has got corrupted data (error while decompressing data) (initialization error from loader)
-2 Cannot create runtime DLL (initialization error from loader)
-1 Cannot create temporary folder (initialization error from loader)
0 No error
1 Error while decompressing files
2 Aborted by end user
3 Unexpected error - Fatal Windows Error (uncommon)