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Ask user for a choice (multiple options in drop down)

Displays a dialog box that lets you ask end users to select one value from a list of pre-defined items (drop-down list). For instance, you could ask for a country or a language. You can use the result of the question for a conditional if/then/else action.

Property Name Data Type Description
Caption String The title that appears on the dialog box or in the wizard's instruction panel.
DefaultAnswer String Allows you to define which value in the list will be selected by default. If the field is left empty, no value will be selected.
ComboItems String Defines the list of values to be displayed in the dropdown. Values are separated by spaces, and optionally enclosed in double quotes if a given value contains spaces. Variables and resource strings are allowed. Example: "Item 1" "Item 2" #MyChoice1 will insert 3 items in the dropdown: Item 1, Item 2 and the text associated to the #MyChoice1 resource string.
LabelText String This text will be displayed near check boxes.
PromptText String This is the text that appears in the title of the question window and asks end users.
Variable VarName This is the variable that will store the result of the choice. For example %MYCHOICE%.

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