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Rich Content Editor

Some dialog steps in your installer may display rich content, i.e. with custom text formats and Internet links. For instance, the Welcome page, the Readme and EULA pages, etc.

You can edit this rich content letter from the rich content editor provided in Paquet Builder. This one allows you to edit directly the rich content in WYSIWYG mode as well as in native Markdown format.

Visual and Markdown tabs

When you switch from one tab to another, the editor will automatically convert the markdown into rich content and vice versa, as you can see on the screenshots below:

Visual Rich Content Editor

Markdown Editor

  • To validate your changes, be sure to click OK.

  • You can preview the rich content in live by clicking Preview. Thus, you can see how the rich text will be rendered by the engine used in your installer (especially the limitations).

  • You can import RTF, text, MD (markdown), HTML files.

  • You can export your content to external text, MD (markdown), HTML files.

Use of variables and resource strings

Resource strings and variables are automatically replaced into the rich content at runtime if you use them. For instance, %APPTITLE% will be replaced by the title of the package.


Paquet Builder stores content into the UTF-8 format since Paquet Builder accepts Unicode..