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Auto-Create Components

You can let Paquet Builder create components for you automatically. In the File Manager, press the Component Wizard button and the following wizard will appear:

All you need is to first prepare a folder with all files you wish to include in the package and then group files by sub-folders. These sub-folders will become the components and the files inside a given sub-folder will become the children of the latter.

For example, if you have the following folder structure:

C:\My Documents\pb\Source\My component A\
C:\My Documents\pb\Source\My component B\
C:\My Documents\pb\Source\My component C\

If you select the "C:\My Documents\pb\Source\" as the Root Folder, you will obtain three components named "My component A", "My component B" and "My component C":

Just turn on the check boxes of the components you wish to create and press Finish. Paquet Builder will create the components, add associated files and configure the properties automatically.

By default Paquet Builder automatically marks the components as source-linked.

Only folders that are children of the root folder are processed.