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Ask User (string type)

Displays a dialog box (or a wizard step) which lets you ask end users for a string like their e-mail address, a specific password or serial number, the user name, etc.

Property Name Data Type Description
Caption String The title that appears on the dialog box or in the wizard's instruction panel.
DefaultAnswer String The default value displayed when the dialog is shown.
LabelText String This text will be displayed near the field where end users type the answer to the question.
PromptText String This is the text that appears in the title of the question window and asks end users something.
Variable VarName This is the variable that will store the information. For example %USERNAME%.

The package will show a dialog box displaying the value of "PromptText" (the question) and a field where end users can type their answer (the answer). The variable specified by "Variable" is set to the user's answer.

If end users select the Cancel button, the package closes.

You can use a goto label statement to check whether an end user have entered correct information: click here for an example.

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