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Call C function

This action lets you invoke a function available in one of the custom C source code files you added to the project.

When you edit the properties of this custom action, the following dialog box is displayed:

The "Available Scripts" list lets you choose the C source code file that contains the function you want to invoke. If it is not available in the list, you can select an existing C source file by clicking "Add New".

In the text field, you can type the C code that will invoke the function. For instance, if the function has no parameter, it should be


If it has two parameters, enter:

myfunction2(0, 2);

Paquet Builder will insert this code in the main script of the package/uninstaller. To avoid possible compilation problems since you don't have access to the main script, we recommend you to enter minimal C code to be inserted: only function calls should be used. Your C code should remain in other C source files.

Please refer to the Developer Options page for further information and hints about this custom action.

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