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Open a document file

This action lets you execute a program or open a document file. This function is useful for opening single or multiple document files at the end of the extraction process, or to execute standard applications.

In order to open a document file, the package automatically asks Windows to run the associated application. For example: to open a bitmap file (.BMP ), the default bitmap editor (generally Microsoft Paint) will be run.

Property Name Data Type Description
Display dwWindowState Defines the state of the program's window. There is a defined set of window states from which you can choose in the list box.
Filename String Full path to the file you would like to execute. Example: %DESTPATH%\Readme.txt
Operation String Verb that specifies the action to be performed. The set of available verbs depends on the particular file or folder. The following verbs are commonly used: open, edit, explorer, print
Parameters String If you would like to pass any command line options to the executed program. Optional.
Unelevated Boolean If your package runs with administrative rights (defined by the manifest), any executable started by the package will also be run with administrative rights. To avoid this, you can turn this property to True. Then, the document file or application opened will be run with standard user rights (unelevated).


  • this feature is also available in the Program/Setup Execution panel.

  • in order to open your Web page (or Web site) in the user's default Web browser, just do this: enter the full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your Web page in the Filename property. At runtime, packages will open the default Web browser to the specified URL. For example: assign "" to the Filename property in order to go to G.D.G. Software site.

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