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Show prompt messages

This page allows you to choose whether you want to display message boxes, called also prompt messages, in order to inform your end users about what they are doing. Paquet Builder allows you to show two prompt messages at different times of the package execution, but you can display as many prompt messages as you want thanks to custom actions.


To put a carriage-return-line-feed between “Line 1” and “Line 2", use /$, such as Line1/$Line2.

Start Prompt Message

It is displayed immediately after end users execute your package. It asks end users if they would like to extract the files or not (the Yes and No buttons are displayed). You should enter a text like this: "This will install My Application 1.0./$Do you want to continue?". End users need to press Yes to continue.

End Prompt Message

Before the package closes, it can display this message box. You should use it to inform end users about the successful extraction of your files as "Extraction successfully completed!".

To insert a resource string, you can click the buttons near text boxes.


Leaving the fields blank will disable the display of these message boxes.