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Show a License Agreement

You can use this action to show your own license agreement text. Users must agree with it before continuing (they can choose between Yes or No). Clicking No will immediately close the package.

Property Name Data Type Description
Caption String The title that appears on the dialog box or in the wizard's instruction panel.
EvalForVar Boolean Indicates whether the rich text should be scanned for variables before it is displayed. If true, all variables found will be replaced by their values.
LicEnd String The text which appears after the License Agreement and asks end users to choose between Yes or No. You can use the standard resource string #LicEnd
LicIntro String The text which invites end users to read your License Agreement. You can use the standard resource string #LicIntro
Text RichLines Your License Agreement in Rich Text Format (RTF). Click the '...' button to edit it with Rich Content Editor.

Note: displaying a License Agreement is also available in the License Agreement page.

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