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Read data (or variables) from a file

This action lets you read information from a text file; for example, you can read parameters or other information useful for the package's execution and initialize some variables.

Property Name Data Type Description
Filename String Path to the file (text file) that the package should read (the filename does not necessarily require the .txt extension).
ReturnVariable VarName The variable that will store the data read from the file. For example %MYRESULT%.
  • The action will read data from the specified file until an 'End Of Line' character is found, so it is generally the first line of the text file.
  • The action expects text files to be encoded in UTF-8 format.
  • The variable will contain an empty string if the read has failed.

Do not use this custom action to read large amount of data. Variables in Paquet Builder have limited content to 4096 wide characters.

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