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Create an Internet shortcut

This action will create an Internet shortcut. These shortcuts point to a URL: when such a shortcut is executed, the default Web browser is opened to the URL specified by the latter.

Property Name Data Type Description
DestinationURL String The URL the shortcut should point to. The Web browser will be opened to this URL.
ShortcutFilename String Defines the path+filename of your shortcut (the text which will appear near the icon on the desktop for example) and where it will be located. Be sure to give the .url extension. See below for examples.

Example for ShortcutFilename:

To create an Internet shortcut on the desktop, for instance you can enter: %DESKTOPDIR%\My homepage.url. This will create an icon with the text "My Homepage" on the Windows desktop.

Internet shortcuts are removed when the package is uninstalled.

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