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Edit Progress Monitor

This page allows you to display a progress monitor that indicates your end users about the state of the extraction. Paquet Builder comes with three default progress monitor themes. You need to select one according to your needs.

Progress Dialog Style

You can select the style for the progress dialog box. Paquet Builder features three themes for the progress bar:

  • Traditional progress dialog: it displays a large progress bar and a custom text.

  • Wizard style progress dialog: only available if the interface theme is set to Wizard or Modern.This dialog is actually a wizard step displaying a progress bar but similar to the other wizard steps. Recommended if you create a wizard-style package (and packages are smaller when this option is used!).

  • Splash screen progress dialog: you can display the image of your choice in addition to the progress bar. The full path to the image (PNG or BMP only) must be specified in the "Splash Image Path" field. Recommended image dimensions: 500x250 (or the package will automatically resize it).

Splash screen sample with progress bar:

Status Text

Enter the text you would like to show on the progress monitor. It should indicate what it is happening.

Paquet Builder provides you with a variable specially designed for the file extraction process, %EXTNAME% which contains the filename of the unpacked file.

For instance you can type: Extracting %EXTNAME% that will become "Extracting" (see screenshot above) where is the file currently being unpacked.

Do not show the progress monitor dialog

If you enable this option, the progress indicator will be hidden and the file extraction will be performed silently ("in the background").

The progress bar is also hidden when the silent mode is enabled.

Allow end users to stop the extraction process

This will show a Stop button on the Progress indicator. If end users click this button, a prompt will ask them if they really want to stop the extraction process. If they answer No, the extraction will continue. Otherwise it is immediately aborted and the package closes without removing the extracted files (no rollback feature is available: that's why the button is labeled "Stop" and not "Cancel"). This option also enables the system "Close" button of the dialog box.

Create a silent package

This will hide all dialog boxes including the progress indicator. All files will immediately be extracted to the folder you specified. Please note that the package will still display prompt messages and other user-defined dialogs (especially with custom actions). This actually hides only common dialogs.

You can also enable/disable the silent mode at runtime thanks to the %SILENT% variable.


If you want to define a silent mode command-line switch for your package and/or uninstaller, use the custom action template Enable Silent Mode from Package Command Line and import the template into the "Initialization" event.