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Ask user for a choice

Displays a dialog box that lets you ask end users to select between two options (radio boxes). For instance, if they want to install a shortcut on the desktop. You can also use the result of the question for a conditional if/then/else action.

Property Name Data Type Description
Caption String The title that appears on the dialog box or in the wizard's instruction panel.
ChoiceVariable VarName This is the variable that will store the result of the choice. For example %INSTALLIT%.
LabelText String This text will be displayed near check boxes.
NoText String The text that appears on the second radio box (for instance, negative answer).
PromptText String This is the text that appears in the title of the question window and asks end users.
YesText String The text that appears on the first radio box (for instance, positive answer).

The package will show a dialog box displaying the value of "PromptText" (the question) and two radio boxes are displayed.

Initial states of the two radioboxes are set according to the value of ChoiceVariable variables. For instance, if the variable mentioned in ChoiceVariable is set to "1", the first check box will be checked. Otherwise, it is unchecked and the second one will be checked.

If end users select the Cancel button, the package closes.

You can use a goto label statement to check whether an end user have entered correct information: click here for an example.

This dialog box existed in Paquet Builder 2.9 and is now reintroduced with a minor change. The prior dialog had a "DefaultYesChecked" option. You can still have a default checked setting by using the "Perform Operation on a variable" custom action and set your variable to 1 before displaying the "Ask user for a choice" dialog box.

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