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Create a project

Paquet Builder stores all of its settings (the project) in a file called project file (file extension: .pbpx). You can use the Load/Save button to open or save project files at any time. But before that, you have to start a new project.

To create a project file, select New Project in the Application Button menu, or click New in the ribbon. This window will appear:

When a project is created, it is time to fill in the basic information fields.

Which package type should you select?

Paquet Builder supports creating three types of package: Standard Package, Package for a Setup Routine (or Multimedia program), and Archive File.


Please be sure to read the full description of each package type, because each one has its own features and functionality; moreover you cannot change the type of a project once it is started.

Standard Package

Most of the time, you will use this package type. It is designed for easy distribution of your files, programs and documents. You (or your end users) can specify a default folder where files will be unpacked to. They also support advanced options that are not available in other packages (like File Custom Destination, Shortcut creation or Package Uninstaller). Recommended in 95% of cases.

Package for a Setup routine

Also known as "Setup Package" or for a Multimedia program, it is intended for software developers who want to package their existing Setups, installation program files or multimedia presentations into a single Self-Installing or Self-running .exe file ready to be distributed over the Internet, networks or on removable media. It extracts all files to a temporary folder and then launch the specified installation program. When the latter closes, all temporary files are removed. Recommended if you have already a Setup routine like Microsoft Windows Installer packages (MSI), InstallShield setups, PowerPoint Viewer presentations...


If you want to create a brand new Setup routine for a software program using Paquet Builder, then you need to create a Standard package, not a Package for a Setup routine.

Archive File

Your files will be compressed into a traditional 7-zip archive file (.7z extension). No Self-Extracting functionality is included (in other words, you will need a third-party program to unpack the archive contents like 7-Zip).

The archive can still be used later in Paquet Builder in the "Existing Archive" option of the file manager.