Tutorials and How To for Paquet Builder

Paquet Builder is a feature-rich software allowing you to create powerful and sophisticated installers and Self-Extracting archives for Windows.

In addition to its exhaustive documentation, we provide some tutorials below. Feel free to post your questions to our support forum.

Paquet Builder has so many features that you may feel lost when you begin with it. This quick tutorial explains you how to create a functional package in some steps. This is interesting for beginners who want to discover the basic functions of Paquet Builder.

Create a simple Self-Extracting package with Paquet Builder tutorial

Paquet Builder offers several means to keep the folder structure in your Self-Extracting package. If you don't use components, you have an easy way to store the directory structure of your files and restore it during unpack.

How to maintain folder structure during unpack tutorial

Configure your installer package to run multiple EXE files after extraction sequentially: each EXE program is run and we wait for its end before running next one.

Run multiple EXE files after extraction tutorial

Discover how to quickly create silent install packages that extract files, create shortcuts, run additional EXE or MSI setups silently, in the background. Moreover, you can configure your installer to activate the silence mode only if the /S command-line parameter is passed.

Build silent installers with silence install mode