Easily design your packages and installers with Paquet Builder

  • Visually design your packages in minutes! The interface is divided into several steps to provide a logical navigation between the lot of features provided by Paquet Builder.

  • Full support for 4K screens and screens with high DPI. Controls and images are automatically scaled:

High DPI screens

  • Directly package your files, folders from Windows™ Explorer, or even convert existing 7zip archives (.7z) into Self-Extracting .exe files with Paquet Builder's shell extension (available as a free add-on).

  • Support for multiple command switches. You can open and compile your projects from Windows Explorer or command line (also support for silent builds).

  • Support for compilation directives for easy automation: you can create text-based packages skeletons and run Paquet Builder silently to build your packages. Directly build Self-Extracting packages from your applications!

  • Use the console command-line compiler of Paquet Builder in process automations, automatic distribution cycles, cron tasks, etc. Compile projects and installers without invoking the GUI.

  • Paquet Builder shows you a full summary after having compiled your installer. You can optionally save this log to an external file. It can also automatically execute your installer after build.

  • Ability to cancel the compilation when building packages.

  • Environment options: define your own preferences for your packages, keep Paquet Builder updated with the Web Update tool.

  • Self-Installing packages support the most standard installations tools such as InstallShield®, Windows Installer (MSI)...

  • Includes a context sensitive help system. Just press F1 to get extensive help about the feature you are working on.

  • Small sizes: overhead is less than 256kb (small enough regarding all features and some other Self-Extractors).

  • Compatible with all Windows versions starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 (all updates). Works on x86 and x64 editions of Windows.