• Create three types of Self-Extracting .exe packages:
    • Standard package: lets you distribute your documents, programs, databases, software, updates and any other files...
    • Package for Setups and Multimedia creations: compress and distribute your software installation routines, including MSI and MSP (Windows Installer), compress your main multimedia program and all of its resource files into a single .exe file ready for delivery...
    • Normal archives: you can create standard .7z archives without 7-Zip: no Self-Extracting functionality is included.

New Project

  • Compress your files with the strongest compression algorithms available currently.
    Paquet Builder provides you with high compression (includes LZMA, LZMA2, PPMD, BCJ2 filter and other powerful methods) by www.7-zip.org. 7z can easily beat Zip, Cab LZX and even RAR3 sometimes. The 7-Zip program is not required by Paquet Builder.
  • Build single and small Windows Self-Extracting .exe packages that do not require any third-party DLL nor runtime to work. Just deliver a single .exe to your end users who will be able to obtain your compressed files just by running this .exe.
  • Include a powerful file manager that allows you to:
    • add multiple files and entire folders (optionally with sub-folders).
    • add files using wildcards.
    • include all subfolders when zipping.
    • group files into components.
    • manage components and link them to source folders.
    • live-update your components to add new files automatically.
    • auto-create components according to sub-folders.
    • load existing 7z archives to make self-extracting (7z SFX).
    • drag/drop files from Windows Explorer.
    • remove multiple files or even reset your file list.
    • access to the shell file properties.
    • create shortcuts to files in one click.
    • sort files according to their sizes, names...
    • set file properties.
  • Ability to store full file path information when compressing your files (also relative paths to a specified folder), set compression level and other 7-zip compression properties. When saved, sub-folders are automatically restored on the user computer when files are being unpacked.
    File path information may also be stored according to components!
  • Convert existing .7z archives to Self-Extracting 7z files (7z SFX) directly in some clicks. You can choose 7z archives as source files: Paquet Builder will use this archive directly to create the final package, thus you don't have to recompress files again.