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  As a freelance software developer and consultant creating mostly Microsoft Office add-ins I have to suit the needs of my clients. For a long time it was sufficient to provide a MSI file to be used in corporate environments which are automatically distributed with elevated privileges, or by administrators.

However, in some cases customers asked me for a "stand-alone exe file" to be installed by the user itself.

I was working some time with a simple self-extracting EXE created with WinRAR. However, options are limited. When it came to digitally signing the add-ins and the setup, I looked for other solutions.

I'm using Paquet Builder now with great satisfaction.

It provides me with all options I need, and the return on investment (initial costs vs. time saved) is perfect.

The user interface is well designed, helpful and self-explaining.


 Many thanks too for an excellent software product; I use it to create an installer for an Excel add-in, which probably isn’t exactly what it was intended for, but it does the job brilliantly!


 First, let me thank you for a wonderful product. I'm a licensed Paquet Builder user, and find that it is much more flexible than similar products, and far easier to use than them, as well. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to updates to the software with new features.

Andrew Adams of Writemark Software.

Software Informer Editor's pick award

Paquet Builder is a very important program for software developers and distributors as it can help them to build highly customizable installation packages [...] (Full Review)

Softpedia Editor's pick award

[...] To sum up, Paquet Builder is definitely a reliable application that can help you manage the archive files in a professional way by providing numerous setting and advanced options. (Full Review)

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