Build silent installers with silence install mode thanks to Paquet Builder

You can easily use our installer software creator Paquet Builder as a silent install builder: you create installers that extract files, create shortcuts, run additional EXE and MSI setups silently, in the background. Moreover, you can set up command-line options to activate the silence mode if necessary. Let's see how to do so.

To build a silent installer, it is very easy in Paquet Builder: just activate the "Create a silent package" as shown below:

Thus, when the installer is launched, it will automatically run in silent mode, i.e. all dialogs will be hidden and it will not require any intervention from the end user.

Furthermore, if you use automation, installers created with the Paquet Builder will return proper exit codes depending on success or if an error occurs. You can then check whether everything went well or not and take action accordingly in your automation script.

If you want to activate the silent mode only through command line parameters, here's how to do it

Click "Custom Actions" then "Action Templates"

Choose "Enable Silent Mode from Package Command Line" and validate with OK

Close the window. That's all. Rebuild your installer with "Build Now"

Now just start the installer with parameter /s in its command line and it will automatically run in silent mode, i.e. all dialogs will be hidden.


On the other hand, if the installer is run without this parameter, the dialog boxes will be displayed as usual.