Run multiple EXE files after extraction

With Paquet Builder, you can configure your Self-Extracting installer package to run multiple EXE files after extraction (sequentially: each EXE program is run and we wait for its end before running next one). The following guide shows you the steps to do so.

1. Open the file manager

In your current project, we are going to add the EXE files you want to compress into the installer package and run after extraction.

2. Select the EXE files you want to compress

In our tutorial, we choose 3 EXE files. Note that you can add files with drag and drop!

3. Open Custom Action Editor

4. Choose "After File Extraction" and then "Add Ation"

5. Choose "Execute a program file"

6. Indicate the path to the EXE file you want to run first

6.1 Choose File Path

6.2 Select the first program EXE in the list

In our tutorial, this is HelloA.exe. In Paquet Builder, %DESTPATH% is a reference to the destination folder where files are unpacked to.

6.3 Validate

6.4 Check "WaitUntilEnd" and validate

This checkbox tells Paquet Builder that the package should wait until the EXE has finished. It's an important step.

7. The first EXE is now configured to run after file extraction

8. Copy and paste the same action twice

Edit the two new actions to change the Filename property to respective remaining EXE files (HelloB.exe and HelloC.exe in our case).

9. All actions are configured. Validate.

10. Save and build your project

As configured, the Self-Extracting installer will unpack files, and then run HelloA.exe, wait for its end, then run HelloB.exe, wait for its end and so on.