Package Files and Software in Installers for Easy Distribution

Paquet Builder is a mix between an installer software and an advanced Self-Extracting 7z (7zip archive) tool.

Create compact and fully-customized Windows installer packages for professional file and software delivery.

Feature-rich to create tailored installation packages

Create tailored installer software packages

Package up any document or program files, construct sophisticated installers and Setup routines for your Microsoft Windows™ software, generate updates and patches, share and install databases, wrap your multimedia presentations or even several Windows Installer MSI and MSP setup files into single .exe files ready for delivery over the Internet, construct any package for the web: everything is allowed with Paquet Builder!

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What's new for Paquet Builder 2021

> A brand new major version of our software is available (July 16th, 2021). Full 64-bit compiler, new modern UI theme for installers, better rendering of rich content and new custom actions. Discover this new version 2021 now.

Compress files and software into compact installers

  • Paquet Builder uses high compression to create most compact installers available with high speed: LZMA2, BCJ2 filter, PPMD... and multi-core file compression.
  • Save bandwidth and disk space when delivering files over the Internet.
  • You can also convert your existing .7z archives to Self-Extracting EXE files (SFX).

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Compress files and software
Installers with wizard interface

Customize behavior and look of installers from A to Z

  • Create standard, modern Windows wizard-styled self-extracting archives and change any detail of your installer's design: user interface, custom dialogs, splash screens, .exe icon and version information, file copyright...
  • Show your own company information and advertisement.
  • Packages work on any recent Windows versions: Windows 10 (all releases), 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and corresponding Server editions.

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Total control over behavior and functionality of packages

  • Add custom actions and configure them visually to do what you want: prompt users; detect system configuration; create shortcuts; read/write Windows registry keys, XML files (nodes and attributes) and .ini files; modify file properties; work with variables; use If/Then/Else conditionals; execute programs, open files and much more.
  • Include uninstallers to remove changes performed by packages and installers.
  • Organize files into components, set destination paths, create silent installers (or enable silence mode through command-line), ask end users for components to install, add conditions to file extraction.

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Custom actions for installers
Protect files in packages

Protect your files and ensure integrity of their contents

  • Increase the security of your files thanks to password protections, data integrity (CRC32) and size checks
  • Digitally sign your installer (SHA-256 and SHA-1 Authenticode signing is handled) with your code signing certificates to ensure authenticity and be compatible with Windows UAC.
  • Secure your installer contents with built-in 7-Zip AES and filename encryption.
  • Protect your installers against truncated or corrupted downloads.

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Create multilanguage distributions with localization

  • Make multi-language installers for international distribution.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Several languages are already available (French, German, Spanish...) and localization of installers into other languages is easy.
  • Customize any text displayed by your installer packages.

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Create multilanguage distributions with localization
Automation installer creation software

Batch build Self-Extracting installers and automation support in Paquet Builder

  • Automate Paquet Builder to customize and create installers silently (command-line builds, directives, file inclusion/exclusion masks, batch processing).
  • A console compiler is also available for automated builds. Exit codes are properly returned.
  • Customize everything of your installer project externally thanks to text-based directive files.

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More Reasons for Paquet Builder

Easily design your packages

No scripting is required, everything is done visually; the interface is logically organized. Save your installer projects, transform them externally with directives or command-line options...

Small sizes for EXE files

Overhead is less than 256kb (small enough regarding all features and some other Self-Extractors). Paquet Builder always creates optimized installers.

32-bit and 64-bit installers

Build 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) installer packages to install 64-bit applications or access 64-bit Windows registry.

Fast installer creation

All of these features remain optional, i.e. you do not need to configure them in order to build your installers. Creating a simple installer actually takes less than one minute: start a new project, add files and press Build, that's all. Then, you can always modify other options later.

Stand-alone applications

Self-Extracting installers made with Paquet Builder are stand-alone and only require Microsoft Windows to work. No hidden third-party dependencies: your packages will always start as expected.

What is a Self-Extracting distribution?

A Self-Extracting distribution is a single stand-alone executable program (package) that contains compressed files and allows them to be extracted without requiring any other utility: it contains the code required to unpack these files.