Paquet Builder Floating License

With one floating license, you may install and use Paquet Builder on multiple computers, internal servers or build machines within the same organization. Use of Paquet Builder is limited by the number of floating licenses owned. Only one person per floating license owned may use Paquet Builder at the same time.

For instance, you can use a single floating license for all of your build machines, if one user manages them at a given time. If two users work with Paquet Builder simulatenously, you need two licenses.

The console compiler is a console application that lets you compile projects without invoking the GUI. This console compiler is a Windows console application: it has no interface. The command-line console compiler does not require any user logon. It is also portable: just place the console compiler in the same folder as PBuilder.exe and you can move the entire folder to any build machine you have.

You can buy floating licenses for Paquet Builder console compiler and/or GUI. A floating license for the GUI offers all features: it is similar to the Ultimate edition, except that you have no simultaneous activation limit.


Prices are subject to applicable local sales tax/VAT if any. Final prices are displayed when your physical location is determined.

Prices are subject to changes without notice.


Please contact us if you want to place an order for a floating license.