Paquet Builder 3 is a major release with plenty of new features and enhancements as you can see in the change log.

Upgrade Conditions

Upgrade to Paquet Builder 3 is available for free if you are a registered user of Paquet Builder 2.x. A 6-month maintenance is also included.

Steps to upgrade

Registration keys or license installers for Paquet Builder 2.x are not compatible with Paquet Builder 3. The new licensing system works with activation: you only need an activation code to unlock registered editions of Paquet Builder and to connect to the My Account section.

In order to receive this activation code, you have to fill in the following form and click Submit. Your activation code will be instantly displayed to you and also delivered to your email box so that you can activate your new license of Paquet Builder 3.

Please provide your login information for Paquet Builder 2.x registered user area, and your current email address that will be used for your personal login to the My Account section. We will also use this email address to keep you informed about future releases of Paquet Builder (unless you decide to unsubscribe from our newsletter).

Be sure to add our domain to your spam filter whitelist.

Old Login Information

If you have lost your registration details

You have to contact the support team if you have lost your registration details. Be sure to provide enough information so we can identify you.