Show a Readme Dialog

You can use this action to show a readme text (additional instructions, etc.).

Property NameData TypeDescription
CaptionStringThe title that appears on the dialog box or in the wizard’s instruction panel.
EvalForVarBooleanIndicates whether the rich text should be scanned for variables before it is displayed. If true, all variables found will be replaced by their values. Ignored if ReadFromFileAtRuntime is used.
ReadFromFileAtRuntimeStringOptional: instead of specifying the text to be displayed using the Text property below, you can cause the package to read the text from an external RTF file. In this case you will need to specify the full path to this RTF file: generally you can use this option after the file extraction to display a final readme for example (%DESTPATH%\Readme.rtf). Note that only true rich text files may be loaded.\ If this option is used, the Text property will be ignored.
TextRichLinesYour Readme Dialog in Rich Text Format (RTF). Click the ‘…’ button to edit it with Rich Text Pad.
WizardDescriptionStringAn additional description for the readme that will appear in the instruction bar (only used if you enable the Wizard interface theme).

Note: also available in the Readme’s page.

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