Read a key from an .ini file

This custom action retrieves a string from the specified section in an initialization file. Some applications may still work with .ini files although Win32-based applications should store initialization information in the registry.

Format of an INI file:

Property NameData TypeDescription
AppNameStringSpecifies the section containing the key name. This section name is typically the name of the calling application. Do not add the enclosing brackets [ ] yourself.
IniFileStringPoints to a string that names the initialization file. Do not forget the .ini extension and its path. Example: %WIN%\Myappli.ini
KeyStringContains the name of the key to be associated with a string.
VariableVarNameThis is the variable that will store the result read from the .ini file. For example %MyIniValue%.\ %MyIniValue% can be any value, such as a path to a file or a number. If the key is not found, a blank value is returned.

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