Execute a program

This action lets you execute a program file (executable file .EXE). This function is useful if you want to launch additional applications or run several Setup programs.

Property NameData TypeDescription
FilenameStringFull path to the file you would like to execute. Example: %DESTPATH%\Setup.exe
HideProgramBooleanIf True, the program is run hidden: its window is not displayed.
ParametersStringIf you would like to pass any command line options to your program. Optional.
VariableForExitCodeVarNameVariable that will receive the exit code returned by the process. If you know the possible exit codes for the program you run, you can perform some additional actions according to the variable’s value. Note that this variable is not initialized before the “Execute a program” is executed. It’s your job to initialize it if you use it.
WaitUntilEndBooleanDefines whether the package has to wait until the end of execution or continue without waiting.
WorkingDirStringPath to the working directory (can be a variable)

Warning: if your package runs with administrative rights (defined by the manifest), any executable started by the package will also be run with administrative rights. To avoid this, you can use the Open a file custom action to run the executable as un-elevated processs.

Note: this feature is also available in the Program/Setup Execution panel.

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