Copy a file/folder

This action offers the possibility to copy a single file or an entire group of files (using a wildcard) to another destination folder.

To copy an entire folder, just specify the folder name followed by \*.*, like %SRC%\*.* or c:\my documents\*.pas.

Property NameData TypeDescription
DestinationStringThis property indicates the full path + filename of the destination file. For example: %DESTPATH%\Hello.exe If you use wildcards in the Source property, this property indicates the folder where all source files should be copied. For example %DESTPATH%\My Folder\ (*warning: it should always end by a directory slash *).
MoveFilesBooleanIndicates that the source files should be deleted once they have been copied.
OverwriteIfExistsBooleanIf the destination file exists, indicates whether the package should overwrite the existing file or skip it.
ShowProgressBooleanIndicates whether a progress monitor is displayed or not (Windows shell dialog box).
SourceStringPath to the source file(s) to be copied to the Destination file. It can be a path to a single source file, or a path to a folder followed by a wildcard. For instance, %SYS%\My shared\*.dll


  • This function does not add any reference of the new file in the uninstaller log file. You should add it manually using this action.

  • The destination path must exist before copying your file! The function does not support creating folders. Use a Create a folder custom action.

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