You wish to purchase a registered edition of Paquet Builder; you have the choice between the Personal or the Commercial edition. All of these two registered editions enable all features and you get all rights to distribute your packages for private, public or commercial purposes.

Both commercial and personal editions have the same features: the only major difference is that companies with more than 4 employees must purchase the Commercial edition as they generally will produce and distribute more packages than single authors.

For both registered editions there is no royalties fee to distribute your packages: with one license you can create and share a unlimited number of packages built with Paquet Builder.

Both personal and commercial editions come with:

  • all features enabled, contrary to the Freeware edition: you may use custom actions, include an uninstaller, set files properties and work with components...
  • no nag message (unlike the Trial edition).
  • no royalties fee: you may distribute unlimited private, public or commercial packages.
  • free basic technical support via e-mail and the Web forum.
  • free major/minor upgrades for 1 year. After this delay, you can renew your maintenance at special discounts.
  • The personal edition is for single users, shareware authors, educational users or small companies (with less than 4 employees).
  • The commercial edition is for companies (with more than 4 employees) or everyone who wishes to remove the "Built with Paquet Builder" trademark from the .exe version info.

The Commercial edition comes with:

  • the "No Branding Option": Paquet Builder will let you remove the trademark "Built with Paquet Builder": Paquet Builder does not include self-advertisement anywhere else in the package except here. This mark is embedded into packages for security reasons, but if you have reasons for this mark not to appear in your packages, then the Commercial edition allows you to replace it with your own personal comment.
  • the console command-line compiler.

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